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What should I do if I receive abnormal thermography results?

Thermography is not diagnostic, but gives early risk factors. This is great news because an abnormal result from a thermogram often buys time so that natural interventions such as herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes can influence the outcome. At the very least, the condition can be closely monitored safely until conventional interventions need to be […]

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Who reads thermography images?

The images are sent via a secured server to Physicians Insight Clinical Interpretation, where a professional group of physicians who are trained in the protocols of reading thermal images interpret them. You are given a copy of the report.

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Why is thermography a proven method for prevention?

Today we know that breast cancer remains microscopic and clinically undetectable for 75% of its lifespan, approximately 8 years. The question is: If cancer is so small for so long, how can we see it? The answer: We can’t. However, what we can see with an infrared thermography camera are the signs of development, which […]

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Why have I not heard about thermography?

Like many alternative diagnostic tools or treatments, the facts are not always disclosed. Thermography was summarily dropped from breast screening in the 1980’s after only 1 year of use. The reason was cited as being it detected too many false positives and therefore was not specific enough. This is ironic since the mammogram has a […]

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