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How can you prepare for your scan?

Preparation for screening is of utmost importance. Because thermography utilizes the technology of a heat sensitive digital camera it is essential that accurate results be obtained without contamination of artifacts. Artifacts are anything unnatural that would not constitute normal human physiology. The following are recommended guide lines for accurate imaging.

3 months prior to image

  • No major breast surgery

  • No chemotherapy or radiation

  • Stop lactation and breast feeding

1 week prior to image

  • Avoid tanning or sunburn

24 hours prior to image

  • Avoid massage or chiropractic adjustment

  • Refrain from steam room, sauna, hot or cold packs

  • Avoid hot tub; sitting, bathing

  • Reschedule if you are sick with fever

Day of image

  • Do not shave underarms

  • Avoid the use of deodorants or creams in the area to be imaged

2 hours prior to image 

  • Refrain from tobacco

  • Avoid hot or cold liquids

  • Refrain from exercise, bathing, showering

  • Avoid eating or chewing gum if you are scheduled for head and neck scan

  • Avoid sitting direcly in front of auto air conditioner or heater when driving to the appointment


What to expect during my appointment

During the imaging there will be no contact with your body, no injections, radiation, or fluids to consume. You will be in a comfortable, private room. The camera will be positioned from 4-7 feet away from you as you turn to change to the required positions.

You will be offered a gown while the thermographer reviews your personal history with you. For breast and health screening, you will remove the clothing from the upper body. For full body imaging, you will remove all clothing except for your underpants. You will be imaged by a professionally trained and certified thermographer.

What happens next

The images will be included in a complete report which you will receive in approximately 10 to 14 business days. The report gives observations, opinion and recommendations by the interpreting doctor. It is recommended that you share this report with your doctor.

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