thermography services

Breast Health Screening
Thermography Breast Health Screening is safe, painless, non-invasive, and is the perfect method for prevention, so it can provide a woman with a sense of control over her health. Why should you have a Thermogram? Breast Thermography is great if you want to avoid breast disease and you:

  • Are over age 20
  • Have lumpy breasts
  • Have sensitive breasts or you have breast implants (OUCH! A mammogram applies over 7 lbs of pressure!)
  • You or a family member has been treated for breast cancer
  • You want to or have to avoid radiation
  • Want peace of mind


Full Body Screening
Full Body Screening  is available for both men and women. It is a unique technology to determine the physiology of the body, and often uncovers hidden health issues. It is able to show inflammatory changes in muscles and joints, as well as areas of nerve compression.

Allergies, TMJ, carotid artery disease, cardiovascular disorders, thyroid dysfunction, irritable bowel disorders, and dental pathologies are also visualized. With a full body scan, four views of each body area are taken beginning with the head and neck, thyroid area, chest and breast, abdomen, back, and upper and lower extremities.

The thermologist is sensitive to your modesty and assists you in appropriate draping as the scan proceeds. Your privacy is ensured throughout the procedure.


Region of Interest
Region of Interest utilizing Medical Thermal Imaging is an accurate way to focus on one area of the body that is causing concern. Usually there are four views of any body part being scanned; anterior, posterior, and left and right lateral.

A region of interest view targets the specific area of concern, and gives physiological information to assist in healing techniques or recommendations for further therapy needed.

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