what is thermography?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a unique technology that takes a picture and creates a map of the infrared patterns of the body. It is different than other screening tools because it helps us to see function (physiology). MRI and X-ray detect anatomical changes so will miss such things as active inflammation or angiogenesis(increased blood supply as found in cancer) . It was approved by the FDA for breast cancer screening in 1982. It can detect early danger signs in the body years before other tools. It has been shown to be effective in finding early signs of breast cancer up to 8 years before the mammogram.Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging is a major break-through in preventive medicine. It is the perfect blend between the preventive well-care philosophy of eastern medicine and the highly technical innovations of today’s world.

Certified by the FDA in 1985, thermography is accepted as a safe, non-invasive investigational and diagnostic tool that can help identify the earliest signs of breast and cardiovascular disease before they have done their damage. We have an unprecedented opportunity to eliminate these diseases through the power of prevention for those who seek our help. For breast screening, thermography is not a stand-alone diagnostic device and does not replace the mammogram. Thermography is actually able to recognize changes in the breast while the tumor is still in the microscopic stages, as many as 8-10 years before clinical detection with mammography or ultrasound.

Medical Thermal Imaging uses no radiation, but takes infrared pictures of otherwise invisible changes in the body, using a highly specialized digital infrared thermal imaging camera. For breast imaging we take images of the chest, lateral views under each arm and each breast individually for a complete view for analysis. By focusing on the physiology of the breast, the interpreting MD is able to determine what activity, if any, is developing in the breast tissue. The patient receives a written report with analysis and opinions within a week, from an MD who has been specifically trained to interpret the thermal images. We also review the report of findings with the patient to assure complete understanding of the results.

Thermography can see physiological changes throughout the body. Discover how prevention is the ultimate problem solver, and how thermography makes it possible.  Blossom Thermography strives to provide cost effective, optimal thermographic images and physicians report in a comfortable, professional setting.

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